Eli Pimentel


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Eli Pimentel was born in Caracas, Venezuela, moved to the United States in 1986 establishing with her family in the Boston area. Making Boston College her alma mater. Eli obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree and was awarded the College's paramount price for artistic excellence. Latter with the University of Syracuse, Eli went to live in Florence, Italy, where she flourished into an accomplished oil painter, this influenced by the rich Florentine art. 

Eli Pimentel currently resides in Caracas, Venezuela, where she continues to evolve. Her art illustrates soothing, splendorous landscapes, deriving from an intense focus on the pointillist style, but with a realistic façade. Eli's brush strokes and colorful palette are often subconsciously a reflection of the turmoil prevalent in her country, through the defragmentation of society and worldly confrontation, yet her message remains 

positive. She presents her canvases charged with nostalgia and makes her concern for the environment evident. By celebrating the breadth of natural treasures, her work strives to remain hopeful that soon she may look forward to a better future. 

Eli has participated in many exhibitions in U.S. cities including Boston, Burlington, New York, Miami, and now St. Petersburg. Italy, Colombia, and Peru, also form part of her exhibition venues. 


  • Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. 2001   

  • Syracuse University DIPA Program, Florence, Italy. 2000.



  • ​By Nature, The Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Miami, FL. 2016.

  • Avila, Crest of my Roots, Lexico Fine Art, Wynwood District, Miami, FL. 2012.

  • Sabana Cube Culture at the Beach, Miami, FL. 2011.

  • Naturaleza Dinamica, Cuadra Gastronomica de los Palos Grandes, Caracas, Venezuela. 2008.

  • Poemas Inconclusos, Corp. Group Centro Cultural, Caracas, Venezuela. 2006.

  • En Búsqueda de la Belleza, Oasis Visual, Hotel La Fontana, Bogota, Colombia. 2005.

  • Immersed, Phoenix Gallery, Burlington, VT. 2003.

  • Figures and Landscapes, Thomas Gallery, New Hope, PA. 2002.


  • D-Gallerie, St. Petersburg, Fl. 2018.

  • II Cumbre de la Omai, Pitalito, Colombia. 2014.

  • El Arte y el Medio Ambiente, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Cusco, Peru. 2013.

  • Celebrating Life 2013, friends of Weston Foundation, Young at Art Museum, Davies, Fl. 2013.

  • Subasta por el Progreso, Sala TAC, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

  • 1er Salon Comrade 2012, Alcaldía de Baruta, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

  • El Llano en Nuestra Mirada, Artistas Unidos por Asocia, Los Galpones de Los Chorros, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

  • Salon Nautico 2011, CIEC de la Universidad Metropolitana con Estudio Arte Ocho, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

  • Fusion VIII, Synesthesia, Art Fusion Gallery, Miami, FL. 2011. 

  • Art of Engagement, Art Fusion Gallery, Miami, FL. 2011.

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  • 7 Artistas 7 Estilos, Galeria Roraima, Caracas, Venezuela. 2006.

  • La Ruta del Cacao, Centro de Arte de Maracaibo Lia Bermudes, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2006.

  • Certamen Mayor de las Artes y Letras, Sala de Arte Cadafe, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • XVI Salon de Pintura Luis Alfredo Lopez Mendes, Club Santa Paula, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • AVAP Somos Todos, Caracas Theater Club, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • Growth Commission, Makro Comercializadora S.A., Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • Tres Bien 2004, 30th Anual Auction, Boston, Ma. 2004.

  • Subasta de Dignidad, Benefit Auction at the Marriott Hotel, Caracas, Venezuela. 2003.

  • Spring Salon, Limner Gallery, New York, NY. 2002. 

  • Edvard Munch: Psyche, Symbol, and Expression, Reproduction of Work "The Scream", McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, MA. 2001.

  • Third Annual Arts Festival, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. 2001. 

  • Annual Student Show, The Copley Society of Boston, MA. 2001. 

  • Student Show, Syracuse University Center, Florence, Italy. 2000.


  • Salute, Presented by the Mayor Tomas Regalado from the City of Miami, FL. 2016.

  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Permanent Collection, Cusco Peru. 2013.

  • Mention Honorifica, 1er Salon Comrade 2012 de Baruta, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

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  • Mary Werner Robers Award for Art, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. 2001.

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