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kinetic artist elvis joan suarez dgallerie art gallery st petersburg

Elvis Joan Suárez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1978. At an early age, his parents gave him a four Venezuelan instrument, which is why he became interested in music, through a recording he heard at his home in Rodrigo Riera's Merengue. the guitar, a few years later, he casually saw a guitar concert performed by Maestro Alirio Díaz and from there he began his love for the guitar.


He studied guitar at the "Miguel Ángel Espinel" School in San Cristóbal, Venezuela with Maestro Rafael Suárez and completed his guitar studies at the "Vicente Emilio Sojo" Conservatory in Barquisimeto, Venezuela with the Masters: Arturo González and Roberto González, graduating with the Concert of Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo.


He studied Composition with Maestros Héctor Gutiérrez and Blas Emilio Aterhortua at the "Vicente Emilio Sojo" Conservatory and then graduated with a degree in Music from the Pedagogical Experimental University of Lara, Venezuela.

In the work of Elvis Joan Suárez, we find the integration of: Geometry, plastic arts, minimalism and architecture.In his compositions he uses the "Modulor" of Le Corbusier and the "Arqueometer" of Saint-Yves as a means to synthesize the arts, his music is influenced by geometric abstractionism, Cinetism as well as Land Art.

In 2003, he premiered his work "Delta n ° 1" in San Cristóbal, in the Sin Límites Gallery, attracting the attention of the famous guitarist Carlos Bonell, who publishes it through his publishing house and made its world premiere in 2004 in Sydney Australia, at the Sydney guitar Summer School, in a performance of 27 guitarists directed by Maestro Carlos Bonell.The Classical Musisc Society, Ulster University, Londonderry, Ireland commissioned his work Rombo N ° 1 for guitars, which premiered in August 2004, as part of the Irish Guitar Festival, directed by Maestro Carlos Bonell.His work Message of the Stars was promoted at the London International Guitar Festival in 2005 in homage to Maestro Alirio Díaz.

His work Pasacaglia con Variaciones was premiered in 2006 by Maestro Carlos Bonell, in London Derry drawing the attention of the critics this same work was premiered in the Transformations Music Series by guitarist Gary Ryan. His wide catalog reaches more than 180 works for guitar, orchestra, chamber ensembles as well as solo instruments.

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