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abstract artist angel mieres

Angel Mieres is a painter whose vibrant, bright works explore the fragile, natural motifs, such as butterflies or flowers.

His roses often stand alone, casting a delicate shadow against a richly colored backdrop that gains in density due to the presence of lines of poetry the artist paints onto the canvas.

Mieres’ works range in tone and atmosphere: some present an abundance of vivacious flowers that fill the frame, while others feature a single, tiny tricycle set against a vast background.

A flower, especially the rose, with its perfect balance between the petals and the thorns, is a conciliator reference of regeneration that involves universal values such as love, hope, peace, and joy. This proposal settles in the powerful transformer of creativity over vulnerability, during periods of time where difficult contradictions take place. The bubbles and butterflies, also common in the artist’s work, remind us of the briefness of existence, and reaffirm the magic of enjoying intensity. For Mieres, his roses are “a little shy, without much boasting, that is how my flowers are.” Whether lonely or in a group, with long and thin stems, they show up suspended over a background of expressive, colorful brushes, which develop emotional and affective associations. 

His work has been exhibited widely, both in Venezuela and also in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, Colombia and Costa Rica. Mieres’ work gained wide-ranging international exposure in 2010 when he won a contest organized by American Airlines and one of his paintings was used on the cover of the airline’s first class menu in their worldwide flights.

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