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After 30 years as an award-winning Art Director in the advertising industry, Felix Burgos is taking on a new challenge: The world of fine art.


Felix describes his work as having constant fluidity.
“These images reflect the ebb and flow of life.”

For Felix, becoming an artist was a natural transition, considering he grew up in Williamsburg, one of the nation’s leading artist communities. Despite a demanding career, Felix devoted his weekends and nights to his passion, exploring and evolving his artistic style.


He has worked at some of the most respected and creative advertising agencies, including Ogilvy, FCB, and McCann-Erickson where he created the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter" campaign. He has won several advertising awards, including three Clios for his TV, and Print work.


Felix is now working on his second act. He has achieved depth, movement and energy in his work by combining the geometric abstract approach with an impressionistic layer. As an abstract impressionist, Felix interprets everyday scenes using sharp angles and colors that are startling in their simplicity, yet filled with context and depth.

"Since everyone has had to deal with such difficult times these past two years, I see my work as an escape from all we had to endure. My color palette and sharp angles create an energy and vibrancy that we're seeing on the streets today" Felix Burgos.

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Available Works

Felix Burgos

Birds Of Paradise Too


Felix Burgos

South Beach Life Guard Station


Felix Burgos

Paper Airplanes