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street artist iboms at d-gallerie

iBOMS is a 20-year-old artist out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Throughout his artistic journey, he has acquired many skills. He has been exposed to different mediums as well as various ways to visualize his ideas. He has been inspired to create and bring to life every possible thought. Upon first glance, his work may seem like simple illustrations and graffiti but each piece has a very unique story to tell. Some of self-love, destruction, and discovery. The purpose of his work is to catch and draw the viewer in to create that “awe” experience while exposing them to his world. The world of a young African American male!

He does this by painting and creating lively characters that at a glance you may not think there was a story behind it. But like in life everything wants to appear blissful but unannounced to everyone else a dark river runs beneath the surface.


  • Douglas Anderson School of Arts • Jacksonville, FL

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