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abstract expressionism artist kelly aldridge dgallerie art gallery st petersburg

Kelly Aldridge is an American artist living in St. Petersburg, FL. Her goal as an artist is to creatively match artworks with clients who seek to enhance their space with statement worthy pieces. Kelly's paintings are characterized by high impact texture with a sense of glamour and edge. She is mostly influenced by bold textures and high contrast details. Her style is oversized/statement pieces that create a powerful draw to each space. With the use of texture and heavy bold tones she creates works that are stylish and edgy. Having first began painting in 2007 her inspiration comes from fashion, interior design as well as street art. Kelly's background was in fashion for several years having modeled and acted since the age of 19. She loves the idea of combining her industry experience in fashion with the art world because she feels they complement each other nicely.

Her works give off the "wow factor" in their size, composition and detail and many would describe them as high fashion art as many works have a glamorous appeal to them. Her passion is in being able to create something that adds a touch of personal style to each space. Commissions are available upon request.

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