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abstract expressionism artist maria paulina troncoso dgallerie ar gallery st petersburg

Maria Paulina Troncoso was Born in Santiago de Chile. She studied Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. Graduated with distinction in 1987, the year which she arrives in Viña del Mar, at the Pacific coast. It is there that she developed a passion for painting. Being part of a family of sailors her paintings are full of her experience at sea, the light,  the glow, the tensions,  the rhythm of the waves.  Each work of art brings to memory past times at sea, the reason for which these paintings brings special feelings to those who have a life of bonding with the sea.

Her style has evolved towards expressionism where color is the main feature. She participated in several painting workshops, on metal, wood, and oil on canvas. In 1991 she formed her own private workshop where

she teaches classes in oil painting and mixed techniques to this day. This activity is a great contribution to her process of learning, development and personal growth.


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