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If a blood cell had awareness, would it feel like the most important part of the body?  Would it assume divine consciousness and know that the mind was shaped by it; round and/or sickled, red and/or white?  Would this blood cell gain philosophical insight from passing through the halls of the heart?  What an honor it is that the arteries and veins through which this cell travels were designed by the greatest artist.  Yet, because of this, they never concern themselves with the acid of the stomach, the electric synapses of the brain nor the unforgiving concrete nature of bone.  How far off are we from identifying the almighty?  Will we ever identify the almighty?  I wonder.

Xebra by iBOMS

  • Measurements: 28" x 40"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel Paint and Mixed Media on Board

    Frame: Wood


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