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urban expressionist artist jose cordova dgallerie art gallery st petersburg

The work of José Cordova, invites the viewer to approach it. we must look carefully to discover how this transgressing artist, the narrow limits of forms and gravity, transports us to a magical world, full of childhood memories.

The spinning top that rotates tirelessly, suspended houses, carousel horses, children's trains ... Everything tells us about a wonderful world that still lives in the soul of the adult. The diffusion of the light is through a veiling, that mantle that weaves the imagination, to take us to the territory of dreams.

Cordova manages to synthesize in his work, the effects of light, color and space, in the same way as the masters of impressionism did. Its content comes from magical realism, which is so close to Latin American culture.


  • Art School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Art Workshops with the company of artists such as; Rocca Brito, Felix Perdomo, Eduardo Azuaje, Trino Sanchez, Alexis Fernandez.


  • D-Gallerie, St. Petersburg, FL. 2017-Present

  • Superfine. NYC, USA. 2018.

  • Club Hebraica Exposición colectiva “Venezuela Tierra De Colores”. 2016.

  • Arthouse429 Gallery, Miami FL. 2015.

  • Un Paseo por Latinoamérica. Kleur Gallery, Santiago de Chile, Chile. 2015.

  • Navegante de Ilusiones. L.P.G. Gallery, Venezuela. 2013.

  • FUNDANA Banesco Auction House, Venezuela. 2009-2012.

  • Meyer Zafrani Gallery, Paris, France. 2012.

  • Jockey Club, Caracas, Venezuela. 2011.

  • Dimaca Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2008.

  • FIA, Feria Ibero Amerciana de Arte. 2008.

  • FIA, Feria Ibero Americana de Arte. 2007.

  • Fiaam, Feria Internacional de Arte y Antigüedades, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2007.

  • Arte Florida Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2006.

  • Ecustre Country Club Auction, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • Edition Limitada Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.

  • Mon Petit Gallery, Puerto Rico. 2004.

  • Braganan, Curacao. 2004.

  • Framing Design Gallery, Puerto Rico. 2004.

  • Arte Florida Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2004

  • Dimaca Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2004.

  • Theater Club Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2004.

  • Altamira Tennis Club, Caracas, Venezuela. 2001.

  • Ateneo of Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela. 1999.

  • Salon UNESCO, Venezuela. 1998.

  • Salon Siete de Diciembre, Venezuela. 1996.

  • Casa de la Cultura Quiriquire, Venezuela. 1994.

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