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Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man


Baby boy all grown up I see.

Inspiring the city I see.

Loving the bees I see.

Turning your mane into nesting grounds for the misunderstood paths of flight I see.

In you I see what others refuse to believe. 

In you, my imaginary friend, I see the power to float on land they supposedly built to be solid and free.

In you, my brother, I see that you no longer care for the old “the grass is greener”.  You’ve stepped up and stepped out and made pink grass an analogy you’d have to feel to understand its belief.

I see your tattooed tears of joy my friend.  No more will you have to snarl like the red nose.  You no longer have to be sad about the inevitable ways of this life.  So I send these soldiers of pollination to kiss your sorrows away.

And the three little birds will sing “Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man” and you will know that your creator loves you so.

Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man by iBOMS

  • Measurements: 60" x 72"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel Paint, Mixed Media & Glitter on Canvas

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