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Calling My Spirits


There I stood grateful that I made a dear friend within the heart of a ghost.  With every bite taken out, a new opportunity opens.  So, excuse me if I get blooms on your floor; I will gather them in a minute as they are products of the rhythm.  First I must paint these sounds into the physical.  It’s no easy task so I raise my arms in accepting that I can’t win by myself this time.  I call out to my spirits (the pillars in my life) that can either melt me into tears or ignite me into laughter.  Into frame they come; body abandoned to take the brunt force of it all so that my awareness can have a 360 degree view.  When I look at you now, a smile appears knowing that I sheltered you, literally crashing into reality so they could see your mythical nature.  Through a storm you were in my grasp the entire way.  When we arrived, we broke the rain as a Saint appeared to help me bring you forth.  That night I stood in front of you, tears held back.  Understanding that you are no longer a painting on canvas, but that you’re the prophesy of an acrylic mirror for this very moment.

Calling in my Spirits by iBOMS

$6,900.00 Regular Price
$6,500.00Sale Price
  • Measurements: 72" x 48"

    Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

    Frame: Gallery Wrapped

    Price: $6,500 or $650/mo with Art Money


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