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Curious Artist

As a child I’ve always been curious, experimental, and my curious George stuffed animal was my favorite. As
I grew up in the mid-1980s in Gothenburg Sweden I became very involved with the early hip-hop movement, and to me it all started as way for me to be a part a community that would keep me out of trouble. The Break dancing was fun, but creating graffiti art was the di- rection I went into. Unfortunately the lifestyle eventually turned into a lot of criminality, drug use and violence that I was forced by my mother to leave behind and move

to USA, Florida to live with my father. For the past 30 years I have created a successful Illustration and Carica- ture business, and I kind of tried to forget my past, but I realize now that Graff was my first spark foundation for the love of creating art, and I think I have been trying
to forget my past, because of the fear it would lead me back to the temptations of sin. I created this image of the Curious George getting messy on a spray can, to show how my innocence became really screwed up, and the troubles I experienced can now be witness to how my Jesus works thru me to glorify Gods kingdom with my creations.

Curious Artist by Erik Robinson

  • Measurements: 15¼" x 4¼" x 12¾"

    Technique: Acrylic and Mixed Media on Scaled Train


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