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Florida Living/Sunshine

It was created to highlight a little bit about every- thing that Florida Living has to offer, from the year round sunshine to the hustle and bustle of city liv- ing. Having lived in various cities throughout Florida most of my life I have seen how unique the state is where we are all teetering on a line of constantly balancing work and life, which you can either sink into the lifestyle, get stuck in the chaos or rise to find that perfect balance that we all strive for. There is so much to appreciate about Florida Living but there are also numerous distractions that are seemingly always just around the corner waiting to push you off your game, which is why the tentacles and the gator were placed into the piece. This piece was designed to be a reminder of finding balance in our lives and to make sure to take the time to take it all in as we work, play and continue to progress in our lives.

Florida Living/Sunshine by Frankie Gonzalez

  • Measurements: 16" x 12" x 9"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel and Mixed Media on Scaled Train

    Price: $2,350 or $235/mo with Art Money

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