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iBOMIAN Trinity


Why were we forced to grow roots in unstable ground?  A question that, with the passage of time, I am only now intelligent enough to break down.  There wasn’t a moment of reconciliation, nor trauma, that made me recognize this truth out loud.  It’s a realization of understanding what is and always has been, and may always will be.  I had to understand the nature of the headless high horsemen.  You cannot lift high what is destined to fall short, no matter if their demise is pending in your eyes.  Who do we think we are trying to stop others from learning not the hard but the real way.  Some lessons are only instilled when you hear what you assume to be fireworks, then realize this day doesn’t call for celebration.  Now the elderly must get down on the floor and lay with that aggravation.  Death is a tempo looming in the background (do you hear it?).  The orisha of theft danced and chanted in our young bones, thinking if I go faster one day I’ll exorcise him out.


The iBOMIAN one sees all about the past.  The one that understands the beginning and end of thought teaches the youngest one who is whole enough to experience it all.

iBOMIAN Trinity by iBOMS

  • Measurements: 43" x 38"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel Paint & Mixed Media on Wood

    Frame: Wood

    Price: $2,900 or $290/mo with Art Money

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