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Being raised in Mexico City I was exposed to muralism from an early age but it was not until I began writing graffiti in the very early 90,s that I started painting on walls myself.
I started writing graffiti in the USA around the Baltimore area, and then I relocated to Washington DC area where there was a booming graffiti scene in the 90’s.

Originally the name Rope came because of the play on letters and I liked the sound as well, but I think there was some early influence there from Sope - IHS (RIP), who I was a big fan
of. As many do when they start out, some add a number or “one” to their names, so for many years from around 1991- 98 it was “Rope One”, however when I moved back to Mexi- co City that changed.

Mexico City phone numbers all start with the number 5 and are 8 digits (because there’s so many people), so after relo- cating there I embraced the 5 into my name and from 1998- 2008 it became Rope-5.

Also in the early 2000’s I created my website & logo R5 Imag- ing (Imaging cuz I deal in visual language images etc, I know its weird....but ok). This is also when the “R5” is also created. Since 2008 to the present my work and practice has evolved and changed a bit, and I am no longer as involved as I once was with the graffiti scene, however I still continued to pursue my love for muralism. These days I go by Daniel “R5” Barojas so people clearly know whom I am, but I’m also always going to be Rope, that identity will be with me forever.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk....

Rope-5 by Daniel "R5" Barojas

  • Measurements: 18½" x 4½" x 6¾"

    Technique: Acrylic on Scaled Train


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