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See You in the Rebirth


And then he looked back one last time at who he’d become, knowing there was no longer a home here.  I hope to see you one day when I look into my childs’ first teary eyes.  I’ll tell you to stay this way for as long as they can.  This power won’t grace you forever, so walk and speak truly.  Cry hard while   never forgetting to love harder so that, one day, you can paint with all the colors of the wind like I once did.  This gift of     innocence was given to me and now it is yours.  When you no longer understand, and feel weak, I will remind you of who you were and that will be the energy that nurtures.  My highest mountain top will be your launch pad.  Reach high...reach slow...reach within it all and show them how to express from the depths below.

See You in the Rebirth iBOMS

  • Measurements: 24" x 48"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel Paint & Mixed Media on Canvas

    Frame: Gallery Wrapped

    Price: $3,100 or $310/mo with Art Money

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