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Where did this solar bloom eminate?  It isn’t my light to claim.  There’s no longer a place my melancholy can escape your bright light!  Your beauty was raised by the sun with holy intervention.  Holes exist that will never be filled by flesh again, I am now the one with the open wound.  Still, I command new growth in the presence of your “brand new” so, that, one day our energy may share a womb.


This land will intrude between your toes as you walk, respect it for it is my hearts’ mane.  Our lion strides were granted by the celestials and that beast roams free at our core.  That is why, when I stood in front of your light, there was nothing in the physical that couldn’t feel my souls’ young roar.  I was then gifted with the eyes of belief and soulful heart from the center of your Rastafarian being.

Simba by iBOMS

  • Measurements: 72" x 48"

    Technique: Acrylic, Enamel Paint & Mixed Media on Canvas

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