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Under His Eye


I am but a young man that knows right from wrong. 

I am but a young man who knows my ability to create is heaven sent.

I am but an artist that that creates moments, memories, sadness, happiness and peaceful chaos. 

I am simply a spirit in the mind of an artist living my days in the confines of his heart.

I am Ashi.

I am a being that was created from the beautiful grime.

For this I pray that my creator can continue to shine.

If they don’t know who you are, I will tell the iBOMians the story of where we came from.

The power you’ve granted me has me ahead of my years, so for this I am eternally grateful.

Under His Eye by iBOMS

  • Measurements: 30" x 44"

    Technique: Acrylic & Enamel Paint on Board

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