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Yovanny Saracual was born in 1968, in Maturin, the State of Monagas in Venezuela. He began his art studies at the Eloy Palacio Plastic Arts in the same city from 1985 to 1987. Then he moved to the capital, Caracas, where he studied his professional career at the Cristobal Rojas Plastic Arts School from 1987-1992. At the same time, he took several courses related to the art world. He studied Advertising Drawing at the Vargas Institute in Caracas from 1988 to 1989) and scenography at the Jose Angel Lamas Foundation in Caracas from 2000 to 2001.

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  • ​Galloping from the South, White's Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 2017

  • Horse Gait International Festival. Convention Palace, Medellin, Colombia. 2005

  • Riding America. Dann Carlton Hotel. Medellin, Colombia. 2004

  • Riding Colors, APG Gallery. Eurobuilding Hotel, Caracas. 2003

  • Vision. Ayacucho Theater Gallery. Caracas. 1999

International Collective

  • D-Gallerie, St. Petersburg, FL. 2017

  • ​Venezuelan Art, Zelaya Art Framing Gallery, Miami, Florida. 2017

  • Art Exhibition Solo Pros Humboldt International University, Miami, Florida. 2017

  • Art Basel, Miami, Florida. 2016

  • D-Gallerie, St. Petersburg, Florida. 2016

  • Encounter 2016, Magnolia Fine Arts, Madrid, Spain. 2016

  • White’s Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 2016

  • Latin Art, Priori Gallery, Panama City, Panama. 2015

  • White’s Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 2014

  • South America Art, Venezuelan Plastic Art Exhibition. RG International Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 20112011

  • Colors of the South. ARTLATINAMERICAN. Shelsea Gallery, New York, USA. 2009

  • Art Festival at Doral, Rotary Club of Doral. Miami, Florida, USA 2008

  • Trajectory. Galeria Bristol. Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. 2008

  • Armando Reveron Gallery. Venezuelan Embassy, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. 2008

  • Re-Evolution of Art, Latin American Encounter. Art Vision Gallery. Panama. 2008

  • Independent Art Show. Madrid, Spain. 2007

  • Venezuelan Painting, Mont Petti Gallery. Puerto Rico. 2004

  • Metropolitan Chicago Club. Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 2003

  • 1st International Exposition. Casona Bañes, Cochabamba, Bolivia. 2003

  • International Cultural Encounter. Casa Cultural Fran Tamayo. La Paz Bolivia. 2003

  • Painting to honor the 192nd Independence of Venezuela, Cultural Venezuelan Center. Bogotá, Colombia. 2001

  • Venezuelan Painters. Casa Bolivar, La Habana, Cuba. 1997

  • International Youth Festival. Casa Club de las Americas, Cuba. 1996

Summary of Most Important Individual and Collective Exhibitions in Venezuela 

  • Arte en Cruzada, Hipocampus Vacation Hotel, Margarita Island, Venezuela. 20016

  • Exposition auctioned in favor of Fundana, Ciudad Banesco, Caracas. 2015

  • Exposition auctioned in favor of Fundana, Ciudad Banesco, Caracas. 2014

  • “From the Shore” Eastern Region Artist’s Exposition. Alejandro Otero Museum. Caracas, Venezuela. 2013

  • In honor of Armando Reveron. Artist’s Day. Punto Fijo, State of Falcon. 2012

  • PDVSA East Biennale. October. Mateo Manaure Museum. Maturin, State of Monagas. 2011

  • Santa Maria University Anniversary. Caracas, Venezuela. 2011

  • Waves. Arte Innovador Gallery. El Hatillo Shopping Center, Caracas. 2011

  • Creacuatro Tridimensional. Iguini Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela. 2009

  • 64th Arturo Michelena Exposition. Valencia, State of Carabobo. 2008

  • 8th Municipal Biennale. Puerto La Cruz, State of Anzoategui. 2007

  • In honor of Armando Reveron. Ateneo. Punto Fijo, State of Falcon. 2006

  • A Plate for Life. Frentes Gallery, Caracas. 2006

  • Rain Project. Surban Seguini Gallery. Caracas. 2005

  • In honor of San Agustin Parish. Design and Printmaking Museum, Caracas. 2004

  • Gold Jockey Club. Eurobuilding Hotel. Caracas. 2003

  • New Faces, Leo Blassini Gallery. Caracas. 2002

  • 35 x 35 Formats. Li Group Gallery. Caracas. 2002

  • New Face in Plastic. State of Monagas. Industrial Bank of Venezuela, Caracas. 2001

  • First Plastic Art Masters Exposition, Ministry of Education, Caracas. 2000

  • 25th Juan Lovera Municipal Exhibition, Caracas. 2000

  • Chiguire Project. Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas. 2000

  • 16th Los Salias Municipal Exposition, State of Miranda. 1999

  • In honor of Daniela Chapard, Li Group Gallery, Caracas. 1999

  • 21st Calabozo Municipal Exhibition, State of Guanaco. 1998

  • 22nd Juan Lovera Municipal Exhibition, Caracas. 1997

  • Apeiron Gallery, Caracas. 1996

  • 2nd Cristobal Rojas Exhibition, Ateneo, Los Teques, Caracas. 1995

  • 7th Drawing National Exposition. Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas. 1994

  • 16th Municipal Exposition in honor of Henry Pittier, Maracay, State of Aragua. 1993

  • In honor of Armando Reveron. Armando Reveron Art School. Caracas. 1992

  • 2nd Lagoven Regional Exposition. Maturin, State of Monagas. 1991


  • Electa Arenal Award. Ibero-American Art and Culture Festival. Holguin Cuba. 2006

  • Young Artist of the Year Award. In honor of Master Mateo Manaure, Caracas, Venezuela. 1996

  • Plastic Arts Honorary Mention. Ministry of Education. 1994

  • Urban Art National Award. 16th Aragua Exposition. Maracay, State of Aragua. 1991

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