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pop artist fer sucre dgallerie art gallery st petersburg

Fer Sucre is a Venezuelan-born artist now residing in Miami, Florida. He studied graphic design and painting at the Neumann Institute of Design and the Federico Brandt Institute in Caracas and later at the University of Miami School of Fine Arts where he owned his technique for mixing media such as oil, acrylic, plastic, and collage. Working within the “pop” genre for the last several years, Sucre has gained attention and recognition for his creative blending of this very American tradition with his distinctive Latin American sensibilities, earning him awards like the Absolute Vodka in Venezuela, 1st Place at The 8th Conference of First Wives of The Americas in Chile. Fer was chosen to paint Corporate Executives in Caracas, Venezuela, invited to participate in the Art Miami and FIA, and has been an active member of the South Florida artistic scene.

As an artist living and working in Miami, he finds the environment here creatively invigorating. Sources of inspiration in this particular mode of expression, “pop” painting, seem to exude from every corner of this amazing city. He has been living in and out of Miami over the last 30 years like his peers Romero Britto and Marisol Escobar.

He likes people and to observe and interact with them. In fact, people make up about 90% of his artistic subject matter; faces, figures, groups, individuals, he paints them all in his own personal brand of “pop” caricature. His neo-pop style combines vibrant colors with an upbeat, humorous point of view for a result that is fresh, fun and full of life. His work has been exhibited in the U.S., Europe and throughout Latin America and is included in private and public collections worldwide. Sucre claims to have started painting “seriously” at age four when he developed an unusual fascination with comics books, cartoons, and superheroes. Growing up in the excessive social scene that was Caracas of the 70’s and early 80’s, Sucre soon translated his taste for comics into a new style of caricature filled with satire, humor and playful parody. He has become known for his wild characters, neurotic bar scenes and colorful interpretations of the rich and famous.

Following the lead of many of his most important contemporary pop artists, Sucre has been selected and commissioned to apply his artistic vision to several major product campaigns including Absolut Vodka. Influenced by the works of pop pioneers like Warhol, Haring, and Liechtenstein, he is always reinterpreting, reinventing and expanding on the stylistic horizons of “pop” to find new ways to invite his audience to laugh, to join the party and be entertained.

He always found that “pop” art is great because it crosses just about any cultural barrier. It’s not making political statements or overly philosophical. It’s a very accessible style of art. It’s perhaps the best art form for anyone who might be intimidated by art. It’s fun, bright, colorful and full of a unique kind of energy. 

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