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metal sculpture artist jose ignacio alvarado dgallerie art gallery st petersburg

José Ignacio Alvarado was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1951. He is an architect, husband and the father of 6 children. During his 30 years career, he has been a professor at Los Andes University, a columnist at the Los Andes press and is the author of the book “Architecture for All” (Arquitectura para todos) published in 1984.

 However his main characteristic has always been his social character. This social character combined with a strong desire to understand his surroundings, has led him to work on numerous projects which benefit society. These projects have benefited institutions that take care of children with Down Syndrome and helped to rehabilitate impoverished neighborhoods. He has also has an environmental conscience having taken part in Ecological Projects, at Zoo’s and Botanical Parks.

In 1993 he founded the company “CIGA Arquitectos”, with his wife, Dianora Briceño de Alvarado to create unique and decorative furniture pieces. As part of “CIGA Arquitectos” Jose Ignacio hand forges iron and experiments with colour to create fascinating and unique pieces of work that correspond to his own conception of art.


In Alvarado’s most recent stage as a designer, uses sculpture as a free and sublime way to express himself as an artist. He creates his sculptures out of a metal ribbon incorporating the space around the sculpture into the piece. The dance of the ribbon in the air creates a flowing figure which when combined with colour creates a spiritual pleasure for those who look upon it. Alvarado´s artwork has been exhibit in the U.S, Venezuela and Aruba.

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