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affordable art for your home

inside d-gallerie art gallery in St. Petersburg

Welcome to d-gallerie,


We’re a third generation family-owned art gallery in downtown St. Petersburg with roots in South America; we aim to help emerging and established artists showcase their works and experience to a broader audience.


d-gallerie curates a showcase that serves, serious and aspiring art collectors, by providing exclusive products to the traditional art market. d-gallerie provides a unique atmosphere where art lovers can participate in the appreciation and collection of original art from artists from around the world. 


d-gallerie’s mission famously attracts lovers of unique art, which will in turn help develop the collection of both new and established connoisseurs of eclectic talent. 

We look for talented artists around the world to bring you, our clients, the most inspiring pieces of art in the world. 

Let us help you find that perfect artwork.

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