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Art Advisory

Loving it, but not sure if it will work?

Our complementary art curation services allows you to see it in your own space before making a decision.

Ricardo Reyes artwork in a modern living room

How it works

If you're in Tampa Bay...

For clients in Tampa Bay area we can arrange to deliver artwork(s) to your space so that you can see it in person at no cost for you.

If you're not in Tampa Bay...

We help you envision exactly what your favorite artwork will look like in your space. Simply send us an image of your wall with surrounding furnishings, and we’ll provide a digital, to-scale rendering of the piece installed.

Amber Goldhammer artwork in a contemporary living room

Can’t decide which pieces you’d like to see in your space?
We can show you a variety of artwork by email or video chat.

Carlos Vallenilla artwork in a kitchen island

Don't just imagine it!

Clients who are interested in seeing artwork in their space can send us 2-3 images of their wall with details of their preferred artist or style. We will respond with a to-scale digital rendering of artwork in your space.

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