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This captivating horse artwork by Bernardo Nieves is a modern or contemporary piece that's sure to grab attention. The bold use of color creates a striking and eye-catching scene. A vibrant red background sets the stage for two horses, depicted in profile and facing each other. The horses themselves are a handsome brown and white, with flowing black manes and tails. The overall style leans towards modern or contemporary, with the bold colors and brushstrokes adding a touch of artistic flair.This unique piece would be a great conversation starter in any home, and a must-have for any horse lover.


  • Materials: Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 25 in X 15 in
  • Rarity: Unique
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included (issued by gallery) 
  • Frame: Light Brown



Caballos by Bernardo Nieves

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