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Immerse yourself in a world of soft colors with "Pastel Parade" by B. Twomey. This captivating floral painting features a close-up view of a calming bouquet, overflowing with a symphony of earth tone hues. Delicate roses in shades of lavender and pink mingle with cheerful green and blue wildflowers, creating a sense of calmness. The loose brushstrokes and dreamlike quality evoke the feeling of a summer garden in full bloom. "Pastel Parade" is a perfect escape for anyone seeking a touch of tranquility and the delicate beauty of nature. This artwork would be a lovely addition to a bedroom, living room, or any space that needs a touch of serenity and springtime charm.


  • Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 30 in X 30 in
  • Rarity: Unique
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included (issued by gallery) 
  • Frame: No



Pastel Parade by Bernadette Twomey

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