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Born in Bocono, Estado Truillo, Venezuela in 1955. Graduated from the School of Visual Arts "Cristobal Rojas”, Jose Mora, is a Cinetic artist that relates movement, structure and distance. One major influence in his art career and inspiration is Jesus Soto, well known for his mastery in techniques. Mora has taken this inspiration on his journey as well. ​



  • He was invited to Paris, France, where he exhibited at the 72 Salon Des Artites Bas-Normands, as Invite d'Honeur, at the Salle Du Sepulcrema de Honor Gallery. 2001

  • Installing his new workshop in Caracas was important. It signified dedication to creating, researching, and following an ascending scale in the sale of his works. 1997-2000

  • José returns to his motherland Caracas, Venezuela continues his creative process and sells his works to collectors in Miami, Florida. 1996 

  • Travels to the USA where he continues to work, in the following year he exhibits the OAS headquarters in Washington and in Embassy of Venezuela. 1994

  • Travels, works and exhibits his works in Bogota, Colombia. In the years 1993 and 1994 is dedicated to working on his new creations. 1991

  • He exhibited at the Hotel Eurobuilding in Caracas, for the benefit of Anapace. 1990

  • He exhibited at SVG in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui State. 1988

  • Jose Mora showcased in the city of Caracas at the French Restaurant "Le Capitole". 1987

  • Having traveled to Barinas State Mora exhibited at the Marques Palace & the House of Culture. 1986

  • Mora Exhibited in the Conference Room of the Hotel Cumanagotos, in the city of Cumana, Sucre State. 1984

  • 1980 Mora’s Artworks continue to blossom and seen by many collectors. 1979

  • Mora exhibits at the Salon de la Cultura de Sivensa. 1978

  • Mora took his art pieces to the GM gallery in Valencia, Venezuela. 1977

  • Returned to his workshop in the city of Caracas, where his art pieces were acquired by galleries and collectors. 1975

  • Present in Trujillo State, his first exhibition took effect in the Bocono Athenaeum & headquarters of the Government. 1974


  • Diploma of Honor Exhibition Hotel Eurobuilding. 1995

  • Mara de Oro, in Barinas State. 1984

  • Diploma of Honor in Bogota, Colombia. 1980

  • National Award for the Trujillo State. 1977

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