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Aldana Paintor

Jose Luis Aldana is a painter whose dense canvases demonstrate his exploration of countless motifs taken from everyday life, which are packed into his large scale paintings. Aldana’s training as an artist began at the Martín Tovar y Tovar Fine Art School in Barqusimeto, in Venezuela, after which he moved to France for a period of ten years, where he took drawing and painting courses at the Toulouse Cultural Center, as well as, studying English in London-England.

Aldana has an extensive list of solo and group exhibitions in Venezuela, France, Colombia, United States, and his work has been acquired by numerous private and public art collections in Venezuela.

Aldana projects in his work a world where the laws of logic or rationalism do not intervene at all, he creates situations in which perspective or the rational determination of spaces does not matter.

Within these spaces, he uses the mosaic resource, introducing juxtaposed elements, figures and objects arranged floating and in a baroque manner, contouring and adding radiant colors that jump out at the viewer's eye; who has to enter the work to discover it. A simple and industrious artist, he has managed to earn respect and recognition within international art.

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