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About the Exhibition

The presentation will highlight iBOMS' latest work, in different mediums, as he walks us through the journey of what has been for him having to grow without a father in his life. We will also learn about his journey of educating himself on how to be a better human being.

For me, "Be Kind to Yourself Young Man" is a phrase I needed to hear more often growing up. I've noticed that I missed a lot of "life lessons" because my father was absent in my life. As such, my art reflects my journey into what it means to have to raise yourself to be more than a boy by using fragments of what it means to be a young man in my eyes. I have, in a sense, become a perpetual machine feeding myself with knowledge to replace all those life lessons that I've missed. Whether it is emotional or spiritual therapy, "Be Kind to Yourself Young Man" is a reminder that I, like all people, deserve the best treatment at all times. We all do and, through my art, I must convey it in the only way I understand.

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Artist Statement

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