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contemporary sculpture artist Raul Perez

Raúl Perez Martin was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His work has been a reflection on the imagination, the creation of an optical-kinetic illusion and the subjectivity with which I look at it. How volumetric forms are interpreted and elaborated within us, the shadows that offer tonalities and the development that projects the works. In his artistic process, he has created images that invite examination through the emotional interpretation and sense of geometric shapes. He has built and modified volumes to create perceptions and ways of understanding it internally.

Initially, he focused on creating similar geometric shapes. Which showed the dignity of the models, and an effect more kinetic 

 than optical. With the passing of time, new forms simultaneously conveying mobility and volumetric were gestated inside him, creating the effect for the viewer: “optical-kinetic illusion”. Concave two-dimensional figures, painted in one color, projecting to be three-dimensional and of various shades of the same color.

He has conceived the most recent projects with the desire that the image contain and express the invisible. Word and fundamental experience that sustains all this visual adventure. Like what is not seen when looking; like what is not said when one speaks, like all those silences contained in a symphony. The process never ends, it always remains open. What is done is silenced, disappears from his work notes, and what he can't do continues to be food for thought.

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