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D-Gallerie is pleased to announce iBOMS second solo exhibition: Xebra. The exhibition will highlight iBOMS' latest works as he shares with you, through his art, his journey of how we perceive everything around us. He does this by sharing more of his personal experiences through analogies and philosophical expressions of duality.


D-Gallerie is also pleased to announce that, for this exhibit, we have partnered with PixelStix in order to create interactive.  As Matthew Walker (Founder and CEO of PixelStix) said: "PixelStix is a well-established technology for the mural arts movement. We've always been inspired by D-Gallerie and their commitment to the street art scene here in St. Petersburg. We are thrilled to be included in the upcoming solo exhibit, Xebra, featuring the work of iBOMS. We are excited to unveil a new suite of technologi​es that we've been working on to turn galleries into 'smart spaces' at the Xebra exhibit."

My latest character, Xebra is based on existence as an emerging artist in a world and city in the midst of a reboot.  From his peaceful tussle of the mind, to his carefully constrictive cuddle of what's right and wrong.  Xebra finds peace in his brackish identities of bliss.  "Am I black with white stripes or am I white with black stripes?"  He observes and allows the rabbit of fate to feast properly upon him, revealing layers of colors never before seen, nor felt.

Artist Statement

iBOMS art exhibition at d-gallerie in St. Petersburg
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