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About the Exhibition

d-railed will be a group exhibition, featuring graffiti model trains to commemorate the 7th year anniversary of SHINE. 

d-gallerie will be hosting one of the two closing ceremonies for the festival taking place on October 22nd , 2021 at 6pm.


d-railed takes street art back to its roots. Featured artists will use model trains as their medium to transport you back to late twentieth-century metropolitan cities - like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles - where train car graffiti was a prevalent part of street art and culture.


Each artist was asked to consider these three themes when imagining their exhibition entries: 1) Tampa Bay culture 2) Their rendition of a classic train car wrapped in graffiti, and 3) The artist’s own personal stylistic elements.


Participating artists: Ari Robinson, Aurailieus, Daniel “R5” Barojas, Ashley Cantero, Frankie Gonzalez, Eric Hornsby, iBOMS, Reid Jenkins, Mike Ponce, Melanie Posner, Lars Robinson, Mason Schwacke, Fer Sucre, Tasko, W.A.R Artifex.

art exhibition in st petersburg Fl
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